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Q Friends of ours have a family laptop shared with their teenage children. Internet Explorer runs very slowly. I am often drafted in to help fix the laptop - and I find that IE is running slowly due to a large number of add-ins and extra toolbars and bolt-ons. It increases the browser chrome to an almost unusable level. The toolbars include:

  • My Web Search
  • Kangaroo
  • Yahoo
  • ...etc

I painstakingly remove each one only to find in a month's time my friend is tearing her hair out as the toolbars have reappeared. What can be done?

A The increasing number of bolt ons and add ins to IE that are difficult to remove makes this task an uphill battle. One strategy to consider is separate users (Windows XP upwards). Another is to download Mozilla FireFox - an alternative to the Internet Explorer browser.

FireFox also has a large number of add ons, but there are two significant differences:

1: Add ins to ForeFox can be easily removed
2: Add ins can be completely prevented from loading by using FoireFox in "Safe Mode" - which has a convenient Start Menu entry as soon as you load it.

To get FireFox (which is free) just click the button below:

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