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About Easier to Move

Easier to Move conveyancing service is a high quality, competitively priced legal service provided by a specially selected panel of independent legal firms.
Whether you are buying, selling or both, they can save you time, money and hassle.
If you are selling Easier to Move can ensure that you are ahead of the game by starting the legal work as soon as you put your home up for sale.

Choose Easier to Move conveyancing service and stay in control of your house move

And if you are buying, they will organise a solicitor to act on your behalf before you find a property - which should help you avoid unnecessary delays.

Competitive Fixed Fees

Easier to Move will provide you with a guaranteed fixed fee for the legal work associated with buying or selling your property. You can get a quote online now - just click.

No Hidden Extras

Easier to Move will not charge you any more than the fixed fee. There will be no hidden extras.

Quick Service

Easier to Move will appoint a solicitor to you on the same day that you instruct them and aim to complete the transaction in your timescales.

No Unnecessary Meetings

All of the work can be dealt with by post which means that you do not have to take time off work to meet with your solicitor.

No Completion - No Fee

If your sale or purchase falls through for any reason, they will not charge you for their time. If your move does not proceed for any reason, all they ask is to be reimbursed for any fees (e.g. search fees) that may have been paid out on your behalf.

Online Case Reports

Easier to Move will provide you with a username and password which will allow you to access details of your case 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, using their secure internet tracking service.

Text Message Updates

You don't have to be on the internet or have a computer to receive updates on how your case is progressing. They will send text message updates to your mobile telephone to keep you informed.

Experienced Solicitors

Easier to Move will appoint a solicitor who will look after your case from start to finish. All their solicitors are on the panels of all major lenders. You can speak to your solicitor on the telephone or on email - it is up to you.

UK and Overseas Service

Through our panel of solicitors' firms they can help you whether you are buying in this country or overseas.

UK Conveyancing Solicitors

Easier to Move

UK Conveyancing Solicitor Group

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