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Also: Boggle Tactics

The HomeMarketeer Boggle Page

Boggle is a great word game! Play the original game with friends or the family, or play by yourself with one of the computer versions of the game. Unlike many other word games, a round of Boggle only takes a few minutes, so you do not have to have a huge expanse of time yawning in front of you (unlike "Christmas-only" games). The problem with the game is that you will want to play again!

The original game is simple - a 4x4 grid is filled by 16 special dice that have letters on them. You then turn over an egg timer and each player writes down as many words of three letters or more as they can see in the grid before the egg timer runs out.After this is complete, the players take it in turns to read out their words, any duplicates are removed and then scored - the longer the word, the more points. The words do have to exist in a dictionary! One problem with the game is that you start to think - is that a word? Or am I just mispelling it! Oh hang on - its old Scottish for the cats pyjamas.

Yahtzee, Boggle, Battleships and Monopoly for Nintendo DS

The Boggle game is also addictive - it particularly fits the DS user interface, the pen pointer allows you to "draw" the words on screen so much easier than PC versions of the game. It contains a fairly comprehensive dictionary too. However, words cannot be added to the dictionary unlike the PC version of the game.

You can also play Yahtzee against the computer or against other (human) Nintendo DS opponents. It is great to hone your strategic skills against the computer, trying out new strategies, or just having some fun with the game.

Super Boggle

The Boggle game with an electronic timer (that flashes when the time is up) and the ability to play original Boggle on a 4x4 grid or Master Boggle on a 5x5 grid - the catch being that in Master Boggle 3 letter words do not count. Both games are good - Master Boggle reduces the amount of frantic writing done.

By the way, just because I didn't work it out for a while (yes I could have read the instructions - but where is the fun in that) - you switch between the two games by turning over the playing board.

Boggle for the PC

Boggle for the PC has 5 variants - you can play normal Boggle against various opponents - human and computer based. An interesting part of the game is that you can review the list of words the computer found it was possible to make from the grid. this can really start to boost your word power and examine the structure of how words are formed.

Of the variants, "In Your Face" is defintiely the one I find most interesting. The blocks gradually come toward you as you attempt to make words to chip them away. Leave any letter untouched for too long and it gets too close and the game is over. It adds a new set of tactics to standard Boggle and you have to drag me kicking and screaming from it.

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