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The HomeMarketeer Nectar Points Page

We like Nectar points. It is good getting something for nothing!

Nectar Points Hint of the Week

Try Brewers Fayre - they now give Nectar Points..

Other Nectar Points Hints

Using your points wisely...

In general, using the reward offers gets you more for your points, but if you want to use the points to get money off your shopping, it is worth watching where you shop and where your Nectar points can be used to greatest effect.

Check the following list - it is best to redeem your Nectar Points at the place highest in the list:


What you get for your points


3 off / 500 Nectar Points


2.50 off / 500 Nectar Points


2.50 off / 500 Nectar Points

Beefeater Restaurants

You get a voucher for 300 extra Nectar points the next time you visit - redeemable before 25/11/2005. Beefeater also take American Express and you get Nectar points from your standard Nectar card. Find your closest Beefeater here.

Online at Debenhams

Shop in store or online at Debenhams and earn 2 Nectar Points for every 1 spent! Don't forget to use your American Express Nectar card!

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