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Decorating your home is fantastic for improving your life style and for adding value to your home, especially just before a sale. If you follow our tips, you'll also discover it can be done on a small budget while making a significant impression on a potential buyer.

7 Tips For Decorating Your Home On a Budget Before A Sale


Rejuvenate your walls - Painting is a fantastic method to rejuvenate walls on a tight budget because you can do it yourself and the materials required are not expensive. Another method to rejuvenate your walls can be achieved by covering parts of the wall using a re-positionable wall stickers which requires zero effort. If you do decide to paint, go with a light, natural shade which leaves a great impression.

Modernize your lights - Often people miss the connection between great looking decor and home lighting. For a small investment you can modernize any room by buying more modern lights from Ikea or B&Q. Choose new lights which fit existing fixtures and so you can fit them yourself to avoid paying an electrician.

Renew sofa covers - Essential to achieve fantastic results, quality furniture such as sofas could be completely updated by simply renewing and recovering them. Seek out new covers that will fit your current furniture or in the worst case require very light alterations. Visit your nearest home decor center for off the shelf covers and choose colours which are natural and therefore might appeal to as many potential buyers as possible.

Look at older home decor catalogues - Sometimes you might need to invest more money in order to get your asking price. Items from years ago are still chic, but might cost less. For example, if a type of furniture from your favorite retailer's catalogue was nice last year, it is still nice now, but cheaper! Try to find older items on auction sites such as ebay and general home decor sites.

Rejuvenate your wooden floors - Quality wooden floors tend to last for 25 years, though depending on the level of foot traffic they had to endure you might need to tend to the floor before the sale. Start by emptying the room, followed by a thorough hovering. Now mop the floor using a damp mop rather than a wet mop so water won't seep into the wood. Purchase a 'wax polish' product for wood which can improve the colour of the wood and bring that factory look back.


Reorganise your garden space - Home decorating does not have to cost much. In some cases you can really turn things around by simply disposing of your clutter and by making better use of your space. Pay particular attention to your garden which has a tendency to accumulate clutter. In case reorganising isn't enough, you should also consider storing some of your unused items in a storage facility such as Big Yellow until the property is sold.

Rejuvenate your garden decking - If you are selling your property during the summer months and like many homes nowadays you have hardwood decking, potential buyers will always look at the condition of your decking. After the harsh winter months chances are their condition will be quite poor. Using a stiff broom, give the deck a thorough brush followed by jet-wash using a pressure washer. Now simply spray warm water over the decked surface and sprinkle soda crystals. Leave to dry and wash it off to rejuvenate the wood.

Good luck selling your home.

Article by the team at Wood and Beyond which offer a range of affordable oak flooring products and hardwood decking perfect for home decorating.

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